Russell is a Blackpool and Preston based photographer specialising in Wedding, Portrait and Event photography. Russell covers the Blackpool and Preston area including Lancashire and The Lake District but is also available for travel to other areas of the United Kingdom.

At Russell Wood Photography, Russell and Lynn understand that every wedding is as individual as the bride and groom themselves, and appreciate that it’s often the smallest details that will capture the true spirit of your special day. They believe that a wedding day should be about the couple, not us. We blend into the background where possible whilst offering a subtle mixture of reportage and documentary imagery and romantic yet elegant portraiture. To tell the story of your most special day is by far the highest honour that could be bestowed upon a photographer.

Russell has a talent for capturing people at their best through his unobtrusive reportage style, which is ideally suited to weddings. You’ll also be taken care of by Lynn, who will take time to understand what you want from your very personal wedding shoot. Looking after the finer details and keeping in mind the needs of the bride and groom, she will ensure that Russell captures those all important moments on the day.

Russell’s aim is to capture the most natural and heart warming images for you to cherish for many years to come. Throughout this website you will discover a diverse selection of images showing Russell's flexibility as a great photographer.

Wedding and Portrait photography is where Russell's passion lies and as a photographer this goes hand in hand with his image editing and design background.

In today’s economy Russell believes that as a client you should only pay a favourable price that is affordable to you and also receive the best service available. With this said, any photographs and images that you receive from Russell Wood Photography have been purposely chosen, colour balanced throughout, to ensure uniformity, airbrushed and enhanced to show the best possible image detail, cropped to a standard image size format and are also copyright free and therefore as a client of Russell Wood Photography you are free to do whatever you wish with your photographs/images after they have been presented to you. As a photographer I would only want my best work to be published and viewed by others and as a client you will only receive the best possible service from Russell Wood Photography.


Portrait Photography


As a portrait photographer Russell has a home studio that is fully equipped for portrait photography.

At Russell Wood Photography the photo shoot sitting will last approximately two hours (including set up) and entails no costs at this stage.

Once the shoot is complete Russell will process and prepare the photos and email proof copies to you for your personal selection and approval

All images from a Wedding or Portrait shoot remain the property of Russell Wood Photography and may be used, unless specified by the recipient, for advertising and display purposes by Russell Wood Photography at any time and will be securely stored, should the client require duplicate copies, by Russell Wood Photography for a maximum of six months before being permanently deleted.

If you have any special requirements, or have any questions at all or would like more information regarding the any photography service please direct enquiries to Russell or Lynn via txt or telephone on:
07884 366898, or contact via e-mail at: or use the contact section on this webpage.


Wedding Photography – £550.00

The Wedding Photography Package for 2017/18 includes:-


  • Bridal Preparation Photography.
  • The arrival of the Bride.
  • The Groom, Best Man and Bridal Party.
  • The Ceremony (where photography is permitted during the ceremony).
  • Group Formals as discussed during your pre-wedding meeting.
  • Photography within and around your wedding location.
  • Arrival at Reception and Cutting of the Cake, prior to commencement of the wedding breakfast.


The images from the wedding days shoot will be processed and prepared by Russell Wood Photography and presented to the bride and groom on a USB stick in a stylish presentation case. All images will also be available to be viewed and purchased for gift ideas separately online for family and guests via

As the photographs are of the highest quality, the Bride and Groom are free to purchase and create their own Wedding Album and are also free to use the images on Social Media sites.
If this does not suit the couple, for an additional fee, Russell is more than happy to create and order a wedding album for you to a professional standard.

The album services that Russell Wood Photography uses are as follows and the preferred album format is at the couple’s discretion;

  • GraphiStudio (Italy)
  • Asuka Books (UK)
  • Ireland and Queensbury (NZ)

Russell is willing to travel to various locations in UK to photograph your wedding, however, expenses and costs (from overnight stays, travel etc) may be incurred with this. These costs therefore may be added to the Wedding Photography Package price but only after negotiation with the clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact Russell or Lynn if you need more information or if you have any further questions about Russell Wood Photography; Telephone:
07884366898 or E-mail: