Portrait Photography

As a portrait photographer Russell has a home studio that is fully equipped for portrait photography.

At Russell Wood Photography the photo shoot will last approximately two hours (including set up) and entails no costs at this stage.

Once the shoot is complete Russell will process and prepare the photos and upload the images to this webpage in a secure format for your approval and purchasing.

All images from a Wedding or Portrait shoot remain the property of Russell Wood Photography and may be used, unless specified by the recipient, for advertising and display purposes by Russell Wood Photography at any time and will be securely stored, should the client require duplicate copies, by Russell Wood Photography for a maximum of six months before being permanently deleted.

If you have any special requirements, or have any questions at all or would like more information regarding the any photography service please direct enquiries to Russell or Lynn via txt or telephone on: 07884 366898, or contact via e-mail at: photos@russellwoodphotography.com or use the contact section on this webpage.
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